3 Levels of Workouts at The Bootcamp Effect

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At Bootcamp Effect we offer 3 levels of programming to accommodate all the experiences and abilities that comprise our bootcamp membership. These workouts run in all timeslots with everyone sharing the same space, the same experience, and the same energy. Everyone a part of this community, celebrating similar successes and providing support for one another despite […]

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Is No Pain No Gain The Answer?


No Pain No Gain… We really have to re-evaluate this statement as I feel we are not getting the most we can from it. When it comes to pushing through pain. When it comes to bootcamp. I don’t think it needs to apply. Because if you are feeling pain in a joint or a muscle […]

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6 Boot Camp Training Habits – How to Get the Most out of your Bootcamp Workouts

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While it’s our responsibility as coaches and personal trainers at bootcamp, to teach movement, program wisely, and generally take care of our members, it’s each individual’s job to listen to their body, track their workout progress, and work on increasing their mobility.   For some individuals, this may be completely intuitive, but many people walking through […]

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Rugged Maniac Vancouver – BE Rugged

View More: http://photos.pass.us/bemaniacs

This Saturday Bootcamp Effect took on the Rugged Maniac obstacle course in Cloverdale. It was an amazing event, experience, and all around rugged good time. I would like to thank everyone who ran, supported, photographed and embodied the spirit of Bootcamp Effect with BE Rugged. I had an amazing time and judging from the pictures, […]

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Lifting for the Long Term at Bootcamp


I don’t know about you, but I love lifting heavy weights at bootcamp! It’s empowering. It’s challenging. It’s a great barometer of your progress. Yes, we all want to look better, feel better, lose a few lbs of fat, and certainly if you have some fat to lose you should definitely be tracking your progress on […]

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The Training Effect – The Importance of Recovery

langley boot camp

At The Bootcamp Effect, our workouts will push you to both your mental and physical limits. These in fact, may be the most challenging workouts that you are ever put through in your entire life. But to preface, that is not our goal, our goal is not to impress you with how challenging we can make […]

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Bootcamp Reality Check Your Results.

bootcamp, langley boot camp

Why don’t you have what you want in your life? What tends to happen is people say what they want, what they want to look like, their desires, their dreams… And unfortunately, they struggle to reach this and it all comes down to: This is what you have to do to have those things. And not […]

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Personal Training Results with Langley’s Biggest Winner Part 6.

lose weight win money

This Bootcamp gets Personal Training results! This is The Bootcamp Effect Season 6 winner announcement… Cue the oversized novelty cheques… Season 6 of The Bootcamp Effect’s Biggest Winner has come to a close. Congratulations to Kelly and Szilard for losing the highest % of their initial bodyweight in 12 weeks. Kelly took it home for […]

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Metabolic May – Friday and Beyond…


Hey guys, With The Cloverdale Rodeo taking place this month, I decided to name all workouts in Metabolic May after Rodeo cities in Canada. We start off our first workout with Armstrong (clearly, an upper body workout) ;)… Now with Armstrong, part A, is all about maximizing strength. You are essentially doing 5 sets of […]

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Hey guys, Just wanted to write a post to let you know about the upcoming Spartan Race taking place on June 6th, 2015 in Vancouver. For those of you that are unfamiliar with Spartan Race. Their slogan sums it up perfectly… YOUR REASONS YOUR BATTLE YOUR VICTORY Much like your daily effots at boot camp, […]

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