Surviving Fat Loss Progress


Let’s talk about fat loss progress and your expectations. Because understanding this process will keep you motivated and yield you your best results at bootcamp. Look, everyone’s looking for the quickest, fastest, and easiest way to change their body and quite possibly their life… But the truth is, if fitness and fat loss was easy, […]

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Lessons From A Competition Failure


It never ceases to amaze me how many people are at the cusp of making a decision that will catapult their lives forward but allow fear to stop them in their tracks. Making a choice is an action, therefore not choosing is also an action. If you are stuck, choose to push through the resistance […]

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Success Journal


Bootcamp Success Journal. Why do this? Because human beings have an innate tendency to lie to ourelves and to others when reporting our food intake. I mean, this is so prevalent that they actually did a scientific study on it and the results were sickening. North Americans typically will say they eat less sugar than […]

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Flawless Fundamentals – Doing The Common Uncommonly Well


Flawless fundamentals at bootcamp? A little taste of doing the common uncommonly well. In my experience we are all too eager to progress to complex and advanced exercises. In a time crunched, rush of a world, where we all are seeking instant gratification, mastering the fundamentals is the last thing on our minds. We want […]

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Motivation U


Lesson 1. Don’t look for motivation externally. Quotes are sexy, they fire you up for a minute, and then you’re waiting for the next hit. That’s external motivation for you, it will not last or fire you up long enough to for you to achieve your goal. You have to find the deep reasons for […]

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Injury Prevention – Tight Core


Who has a low back issue or aches? Who wakes up stiff in the morning? Who wants to be able to exercise and feel no pain? Who wants great results? All this lies in keeping your body in a stable position. If any part of your body hurts or feels aches, you absolutely cannot dismiss […]

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Bootcamp Trainers – What Do You Eat?


Hey guys, Nutrition, as I have said in previous posts is a confusing landscape… Ya exactly what the logo and the question mark entail.┬áThere is so much information out there. At The Bootcamp Effect, we do our best to simplify eating, because it really is easier than you think, especially once you have good habits […]

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In order to fix your eating we have to look at what you may need to improve… Here are the reasons you might not be losing weight at bootcamp: You are not exercising at least 5 hours per week You are not eating whole/unprocessed foods at regular intervals, while being aware of physical hunger/fullness cues […]

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Bootcamp Effect Your Goal

bootcamp inspiration

Mt. May Yes. That is what awaits you this May. But, this shouldn’t be anything for you to be afraid of. We all climb our own personal mountains don’t we… Whether it be the mountain of a college degree, the corporate ladder, raising a child or those 30lbs to lose, we are all accustomed veterans […]

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Bootcamp Effect On The Road


Hey guys, This past week, Karen and I drove down to Seattle for The IDEA Personal Trainer Institute Conference. It was a great opportunity to hit a fitness conference a little closer to home. In the past, we’ve had the opportunity to go to seminars in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, and by this point […]

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