Bootcamp Effect On The Road


Hey guys, This past week, Karen and I drove down to Seattle for The IDEA Personal Trainer Institute Conference. It was a great opportunity to hit a fitness conference a little closer to home. In the past, we’ve had the opportunity to go to seminars in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, and by this point […]

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Shoulder Position for Pain Free Exercise


Do you want to improve your upper body strength? BE a machine with pullups and pushups? Maybe you won’t take it as far as this… But having a goal of being able to a few pullups of your bodyweight is a great goal for most people! And…it starts with the proper shoulder positioning so that […]

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Stretch or Die at Bootcamp!


Hey all, hope you are all well! Well… funny word, the base of the word wellness. Wellness of which can be defined as a healthy balance of the mind, body and spirit resulting in an overall feeling of well-being and bootcamp awesomeness. Key word to wellness is balance. So what do you define as your ultimate […]

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What’s YOUR favorite Exercise?


Here at bootcamp, we do a lot of different exercises. I mean, a lot… We delve into the best of functional training, crossfit, bootcamp, and bodybulding to give you a melting pot of exercises designed to melt fat. It really is quite a nice little collection of exercises that I find works great for balancing […]

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A message about your commitment


This nutrition thing is way too overcomplicated. Let me ask you a few questions… Is chicken good for you?… Is broccoli good for you?… Are eggs good for you?… Is bread good for you?… Did you say yes to the 1st 3 and no to the last 1? Good, you know nutrition, you can stop […]

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Bootcamp Hierarchy of Fat Loss


So you have your mindset dialed in, you’re eating consistently less calories than your body needs and you’re eating real, whole foods void of toxins. Now, here’s where we discuss the training aspect of fat loss that will get you the body you want! With most people, I think you’ll agree what you are most […]

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BE Hungry


You are amazing. You are capable of great things. You need to believe this. So why don’t you believe this? I see people with mental set backs and mental blocks stopping them from pushing forward in their goals Step up and take what is yours! If you want to be great, everything with your health […]

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Personal Trainers Wanted!


At The Bootcamp Effect we had previously defined ourselves as trainers. Trainer: part performer, part actor, part motivator, part psychologist, part comedian, part cheerleader, part DJ, part writer, part friend, and part enemy. Our thought process over the years has evolved regarding our position – we think of ourselves now more as coaches. Coach: someone […]

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The Fat Loss Formula

fat loss

Your results are a result of the energy status in your body. Energy status is the relationship between the food you eat (energy intake) and the exercise you do (energy expenditure). If energy (food) intake is greater than expenditure (exercise), weight is gained If food intake is less than exercise, weight is lost = NEGATIVE […]

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Elbow Pain BE Gone!


There’s nothing more frustrating than a chronic injury at bootcamp that won’t seem to heal. Elbow pain is one such injury that just seems to never want to heal. Sometimes, it is referred to as, golfer’s elbow, tennis elbow, hot elbow, or epicondylitis. The point being, everything ending in -itis means inflammation. The area is […]

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